Switch on a lamp from Android TV

By seb, in Android, july 23,2015.

The Nexus Player is a small round box that you can connect to a TV to play movies, display pictures and play video games. In short, it's a multimedia box like many others (Apple TV, WD TV, ...). But, unlike its competitors, the Nexus Player runs Android. So it is possible to plug and use our devices on this Player.

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Driving a Roomba with a smart watch

By seb, in Internet of Things, Programming and Android, june 28,2015.

For many, the 2015 innovation in the smart watch world is the Apple Watch. However, another smart watch was talked about: the Pebble Time. This was caused in particular to the unprecedented success of its Kickstarter campaign. The new version just arrived to Yoctopuce, and to celebrate this, we wrote an application enabling you to drive a Roomba from your watch.

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Yoctopuce and Android Studio

By seb, in Android, may 06,2015.

We published this week our Android library on the jcenter library repository. We take this opportunity to write a short tutorial on how to add our library to an Android Studio project.

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An automatic Nespresso capsule dispenser

By seb, in DIY and Android, february 06,2015.

When one gets a Nespresso coffee machine, the first question that comes to mind is how to organize the different colors of coffee capsules. While chatting with friends about the existing solutions to this "problem", we have been challenged to build an automatic coffee capsule dispenser. Of course, we could not resist...

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A smartphone-controlled pool cover

By Sébastien Rinsoz, in Android, DIY and Internet of Things, june 19,2014.

If you own a swimming pool, you have probably implemented a method to save kids from falling into the pool. One popular method is the use of an automatic pool cover, but often these systems can only be driven using a mechanical switch. This week we will show how to control a system like this using your smartphone.

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