The Yocto-Buzzer

The Yocto-Buzzer

Since a few days ago, you can order a new product on our online shop: the Yocto-Buzzer. It's mainly a small USB driven buzzer, but it also has some additional features that can be quite useful if you are used to building automatic systems. Let's have a closer look, shall we?

The Yocto-Buzzer
The Yocto-Buzzer

What's the use?

From the outside, it may seem peculiar to want to add hardware to allow a computer to produce noise: all mainstream computers have a sound output. But if you go a little deeper, you notice that some computer systems simply don't have an easy way to produce sounds. It's the case, among others, of most mini-PCs and of servers. The idea is therefore to connect a Yocto-Buzzer to one of these machines. You then have a simple and reliable way to get the user attention.

The buzzer

As its name spells it out, the Yocto-Buzzer contains a small buzzer. You can control its frequency and its volume. The buzzer programming API has all the usual Yoctopuce refinements, and you can even pre-program some small tunes. Note that this stays a small buzzer: its musical qualities are rather limited, it won't replace a sound board.

The two leds

Making noise is fun, but making noise and light is even better. Therefore, the Yocto-Buzzer has two large leds: a green one and a red one, which you can drive at will from the API. Thus, if you have several systems equipped with Yocto-Buzzers, you can easily know which one manifests itself, without playing hide and seek.

The two analog inputs

The Yocto-Buzzer also has two analog inputs, able to measure the sate of any resistive sensor: switch, push button, potentiometer, and so on... To keep things simple, its the equivalent of a Yocto-Knob with two channels. This enables you, for example, to build a warning system which can be enabled or disabled with push buttons.


The Yocto-Buzzer is a small and modest module which may help people building systems driven by computers without keyboard or screen and wishing to be warned when a problem occurs. To tell you all, at Yoctopuce, the first Yocto-Buzzer we produced ended up in the order preparation system: each time the operator scans a product to place it in the package, the operation is followed by a small confirmation beep, or a loud dissatisfaction burp in case of error. This allows the operator to prepare the commands without having to consult the screen all the time. Believe it or not, it's a life changing device :-) To conclude, here is a short video illustrating some applications of the Yocto-Buzzer.


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