Making your life easier

Making your life easier

You probably know that our serial interfaces, such as the Yocto-RS232, the Yocto-RS485-V2, or the Yocto-SPI can run scripts autonomously. As we noticed that it wasn't always easy to write scripts that were correct the first time round, especially the part decoding received messages, we created a small interactive tool to help you test your expressions.

Thanks to the tool below, you can test your expressions very quickly, on messages that you select. After pushing the Analyze! button, you can not only know whether the messages are correctly interpreted, but also precisely determine the origin of potential errors:

  • First, the coloring by type of correspondence (literals, groups of characters, variables, and so on) enables you to visually locate until when the message was recognized.
  • Second, by moving the mouse over the messages, you can visualize the progress of the decoding to locate more precisely the origin of errors in more complex cases

So that you don't have to look for this page the next time you write a script on a Yoctopuce serial module, you should know that if you update your module firmware and the VirtualHub, this feature will be available directly in the module configuration interface: when you type in a command of type expect, a test button comes up at the right of the expression. This button enables you to run the same tests on the typed expression.

Note: If you need some reminder on how to write expect expressions which are recognized by Yoctopuce modules, you can refer to this previous post.

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