Who did fail to properly close the fridge (again)?

By martinm, in DIY and Programming, september 23,2022.

At Yoctopuce we have a small refrigerator that is used to keep the stock of solder paste, a few bottles of water and occasional picnics cool. We've noticed that the little flick of the wrist we all usually give the door isn't always enough to close it. It then stays open for hours before anyone notices. We suspect this is a result of the heavy water bottles stored in the door. We could probably solve the problem by slightly tilting the fridge with wedges, but a Yoctopuce overkill was much more fun...

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Display your Todoist tasks on a Yocto-MaxiDisplay

By seb, in Programming and Internet of Things, september 18,2022.

A few years ago, we embedded a Yocto-MaxiDisplay in a kitchen. This device displayed upcoming events by connecting itself to a Google agenda. 8 years later, the system still works, but instead of displaying a calendar, we would like it to display the items of a Todoist to-do list.

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Managing power outages

By martinm, in Programming, september 02,2022.

Here in Switzerland, there is a risk of energy shortages during next Winter, and we can't exclude having scheduled or unscheduled power outages. We took this opportunity to build a small device to help up manage the consequences of potential power outages.

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How to retrieve Yoctopuce API logs in LabVIEW

By martinm, in Programming, july 15,2022.

While we were talking with a customer who had some trouble with the LabVIEW library, we thought that it would be nice to have the logs of the Yoctopuce API to understand what happens. It so happens that the LabVIEW library already has a primitive able to do so, but it's not necessarily easy to use. So this week, we show you how to do it.

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Improving ModbusTool

By martinm, in Programming, june 03,2022.

Two weeks ago, we presented an improvement of the Yoctopuce API enabling you to easily observe what happens on a serial line with a callback. Obviously, we hurried to integrate this in our ModbusTool application, which is now able to display the data that go through a Modbus line.

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