New product: the Yocto-MaxiPowerRelay

By martinm, in New stuff, october 10,2014.

Those of you who pay close attention may have noticed that, since a few weeks ago, the Yocto-MaxiRelay is not available anymore. Actually, we have decided to discontinue this product: too expensive, too heavy, too hard to build, for a result somewhat disappointing in terms of DC load breaking capacity. As there truly was some demand for a multichannel relay module, we have a little something to offer instead.

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Counting pulses

By martinm, in New stuff and Measures, october 03,2014.

People often ask us whether we have a little something enabling people to count pulses or even to measure the frequency of an electric signal. Usually, we cunningly answer that the best would be a Yocto-PWM-Rx, but that this module doesn't exist yet. Well, this is going to change because the Yocto-PWM-Rx is finally now available. We imagine that some are already jumping for joy :-)

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The new YoctoHub-Wireless-g

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, september 11,2014.

For a year, we have been offering the YoctoHub-Wireless to enable you to connect your Yoctopuce modules directly to a wireless network, without a computer. Experience showed a few limitations of this first version and we are happy to present today its successor: the YoctoHub-Wireless-g. Although nothing changes in its shape or in its use, some people will rejoice. So let's see the improvements...

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The YoctoHub-Shield is available!

By martinm, in New stuff, august 01,2014.

Today is a great day. After a year of waiting, the YoctoHub-Shield is available. We are somewhat ashamed to have made you languish for so long, but we think that the result was worth it. Let's have a closer look at it, if you don't mind.

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Using the new Yocto-milliVolt-Rx for pH measures

By mvuilleu, in Measures and New stuff, june 27,2014.

After the Yocto-Volt and the Yocto-0-10V-Rx, we add today the Yocto-milliVolt-Rx to our family of electrically insulated voltage sensors. This new module is specifically designed for precision measures of low electric signals, from less than a millivolt to a maximum of 2V. Its design enables a direct measure of very fragile voltages, such as in a pH probe for instance.

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