Lets evaluate the situation

Lets evaluate the situation

Yoctopuce company started 8 eight months ago, and the online shop is still closed. You may be wondering what we are doing. Well, to make it simple: we are almost there. Organizing and building all this stuff just took twice the time that we expected. More details after the break.

Update (dec 13): Here we are, the shop is now open !

The first beta-test program is almost completed. Thanks to it, we have discovered some little software issues (and some not so little ones on Linux) and a few hardware bugs. Software bugs are fixed, at least the ones we know of. Regarding the hardware, the Yocto-Temperature device has to be lengthened to avoid shifted measurements which were caused by the processor heat. Same drill for the Yocto-Humidity, which has also gained an atmospheric pressure sensor and has been renamed Yocto-Meteo. The Yocto-Servo has an issue with current surges when powered by USB only, and we are still working on it. These few bugs apart, our beta-testers did not encounter any difficulties to use devices and libraries, both seemed pretty intuitive to them. That's a relief :-)

Documentation and libraries are almost ready. Some English translations are missing, but don't worry, they are almost there. Right now, the supported language list is pretty short. Only Javascript, C++, PHP and Delphi are supported, but this list is about to grow. We are working on Objective-C and Command-line versions. Java is also at top of the todo list.

A second beta-test program is about to start, if you are interested in participating, just send us a little mail.

Documentation and libraries should be available on the web site in a few days hours. You still cannot buy products, but at least you'll know how they works and how to use them :-)

All needed electronic components and parts are now stocked, the first production batches have already started. The shop should open before Christmas.

Believe it or not, the production has started
Believe it or not, the production has started

I really love writing blog articles about Yoctopuce, but I still have a lot of stuff to finish before the documentation release....

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