Feedback on using the MK802 under Linux

By mvuilleu, in Reviews and Tiny PC, august 10,2012.

We spent some time in the last weeks to test how the RikoMagic MK802 is working under Linux in small embedded applications. We present here a short summary of its advantages and disadvantages for this kind of applications, as well as some pieces of advice and tricks if you want to try using it yourself.

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Using the MK802 as an home automation controller

By mvuilleu, in Reviews and Tiny PC, july 06,2012.

Given the tremendous interest around the Raspberry Pi, it is surprising how few people speak about the Rikomagic MK802. Similarly to the Raspberry Pi, the MK802 is a small and cheap computer based on an ARM processor. At first sight, the MK802 seems to be a bit more expensive (around 80$, instead of 30$ for the Raspberry Pi). But this price includes a tiny enclosure, a power supply, wireless networking and required cables and adapters. So, beyond the price, what can you do with it?

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Using Yocto-Devices without a (real) computer

By mvuilleu, in Reviews and Tiny PC, may 24,2012.

In most of the examples of use for our modules which are published in this blog, a USB connection with a computer is required. It's logical for USB modules, but it's constraining. Laptops, even if they are small, take up some space. And it's difficult to devote a computer for each do-it-yourself idea that goes through our heads. Let's have a look at alternatives that exist or could exist...

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