Testing the TR-EVO-60M-I2C rangefinder

By martinm, in Reviews, february 23,2024.

More or less by chance, we came across the TR-EVO-60M-I2C rangefinder manufactured by TeraBee. It promises a detection distance of 0.5 to 60 meters with a viewing angle of 2░. All this in the volume of a 3cm cube with an I2C and serial interface. At around 100 CHF apiece, we couldn't resist buying one to play with.

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Testing Sensirion's STC31 CO2 sensor

By martinm, in Reviews, december 22,2023.

Yoctopuce has been offering a CO2 sensor for some time now. The current model, the Yocto-C02-V2, has a measure range of 0-40000ppm, or 0-4%. This is sufficient for most common applications. But what if you need to measure higher concentrations? Sensirion now offers the STC31 sensor with a measure range from 0 to 100%.

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Seeed Studio's reTerminal screen

By martinm, in Tiny PC and Reviews, december 01,2023.

For several years now, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has been marketing 7-inch screens into which you can install a Raspberry Pi (sold separately) to create an all-in-one system. At Yoctopuce, we even have several that we use every day to monitor various experiments. But when we stumbled across SeeedStudio's reTerminal, we were keen to test it out to see if it could be used as an alternative.

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USB-C rechargeable AA batteries, really?

By martinm, in Reviews, october 14,2022.

While shopping at one of our usual suppliers, we came across an intriguing gadget: AA batteries, with an integrated USB-C charging port and which promise a capacity of 1600mAh for a 1.5V voltage. We couldn't resist the temptation to buy a pack, just to check if an AA battery with an integrated charger really works.

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Experiment with USB power supplies

By martinm, in Reviews, october 22,2021.

YoctoHubs make it very easy to create DIY projects that are remotely controlled by a server. All you have to do is to provide a network connection and a power supply, a simple USB charger can do the trick. We recently asked ourselves the following question: all USB chargers are probably not equivalent in terms of efficiency, but up to what point?

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