New product: the Yocto-PT100

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, october 04,2013.

You asked for it, here it is! A new USB temperature sensor is expanding our range: the Yocto-PT100. It's the ultimate temperature sensor for the most advanced needs. With a sensitivity of 0,01░C, nothing can escape its notice. The absolute measure accuracy follows the 1/10 DIN B standard, that is 0,03░C + 0,05%. Hard to beat...

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New product: The Yocto-Maxi-IO

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, september 19,2013.

Until now, we did not have much to offer to interface a PC with an external system using digital I/O lines. This gap is now filled by the new Yocto-Maxi-IO, that we will present today. Unlike a simple GPIO, the Yocto-Maxi-IO is an isolated interface, that can be used to safely connect without additional electronics up to 8 bidirectional digital lines, at the voltage of your choice.

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How to add robustness to cheap headless computers

By mvuilleu, in New stuff and Tiny PC, august 08,2013.

With the advent of cheap tiny computers based on ARM processors, there are many new opportunities for inexpensive home and industrial automation. But there is a hiccup. Those cheap tiny PC often show reliability problems, to the point of being unusable for fully headless operation. Today, we are presenting a product that brings a solution to this problem: the Yocto-WatchdogDC.

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The YoctoHub-Ethernet is available

By martinm, in New stuff, august 01,2013.

Believe it or not, the YoctoHub-Ethernet is available on our on-line shop (yes!). Given the number of mails we have received about it, we assume many people are waiting for it. So let's go for a quick product tour!

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New product: the Yocto-LatchedRelay

By martinm, in New stuff, may 17,2013.

Tinkering with the desk lamp brought up an omission in our product catalog: a latched relay was clearly missing. This lack has now been made up thanks to the Yocto-LatchedRelay, a latched relay which can also be manually commuted.

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