Birth of an USB module (part 3)

By mvuilleu, in Electronics, november 11,2011.

After the presentation of the design and prototyping of our products, here comes the production stage, with a new video!

In order to make the final printed board, we reuse the circuit of the last validated prototype and use panelization: the circuit is replicated a few dozens of times on a single larger board, in order to build as many modules as possible at once.

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Birth of an USB module (part 2)

By mvuilleu, in Electronics, september 23,2011.

This article follows the previous article on this topic, this time with a video after the break...
For soldering components, we also use a fully automated process. The PCB is put in our autoplacer robot. First, the robot gently injects one or more drops of solder paste on each pad where a component has to be placed, using a small motorized syringe driven by an Archimede screw. Then, it picks all board components one by one from a reel or from a tube, and places them at the right place and in the right position.

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Birth of a USB module (part 1)

By mvuilleu, in Electronics, august 20,2011.

If you are interested in discovering how we create new USB modules, here is a peek at our prototyping tools. If you like it, we may go deeper on one topic or another in a future article.

Everything starts with an idea for a new device. You may actually see some day in this blog (or in the "Vaporware" product category) such ideas when we decide to talk about them in advance. By the way, don't be shy, make your requests if there is a specific USB device that you would like us to create. We will add to our shop one new USB device per week if everything goes well...

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