Interfacing a rotary encoder with a Yocto-Knob

By seb, in Programming, Electronics and DIY, december 17,2014.

We already used the Yocto-Knob to interface potentiometers, buttons, photo-diodes, but never so far a rotary encoder. This week, we are going to see how to interface a rotary encoder with a Yocto-Knob to create a more advanced human-computer interface.

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How to desolder an electronic component

By martinm, in DIY and Electronics, september 05,2014.

Quite a while ago, we offered you a a brief soldering tutorial. Given the success of this post, we thought that you'd perhaps like us to explain how to desolder an electronic component without losing your mind...

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Transforming the Yocto-milliVolt-Rx into a USB ammeter

By martinm, in Measures and Electronics, july 04,2014.

Last week, we presented our brand new USB voltmeter, the Yocto-milliVolt-Rx enabling you to measure voltages with an accuracy of the order of a ten of µV. Obviously, some of you asked: "Can we have the same thing with an ammeter?". Good news: it's almost trivial to transform the Yocto-milliVolt-Rx into an ammeter.

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Interfacing a building with a computer

By mvuilleu, in Electronics, june 28,2013.

Electric circuits used in buildings for signalling and control have some specificities. When you know them, it is easy to drive them with Yoctopuce modules connected to a standard computer. This enables you to replace obsolete programmable logic controllers with systems much easier to program, while offering a much more modular solution than dedicated PCI interface cards.

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How to switch high-power devices from USB

By mvuilleu, in Electronics, march 08,2013.

Numerous automation applications require to switch on and off high power appliances. For instance, in the home automation domain, you may want to automatically switch on a 3KW electric heater or boiler. The problem is that it's nearly impossible to find USB-driven relays commuting such a high power. We present today our new solution to this issue: the Yocto-MaxiCoupler.

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