The USB hot dog cooking machine

By mvuilleu, in DIY, june 14,2012.

Summer will be back in a week, and with it comes the sausage season! Obviously, geeks won't barbecue in the sun, everybody knows that the sun provokes cancers and it's dangerous for your health. So, how can you cook a hot dog sausage at the office, without putting fire to it, and without any other equipment than the few Yocto-modules lying about? Ideally, we'd like to monitor the cooking by USB, if it isn't too much to ask...

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A USB email indicator

By martinm, in DIY, may 04,2012.

One of the common issues linked to internet consists in knowing whether you've got mail at a glance, without consulting any computer-like equipment. This week, we provide a solution to this issue by lighting a Yocto-PowerColor when an unread email is awaiting your attention in your mail box. In fact, the real difficulty lies in integrating the Yocto-PowerColor in a decorative element, making the result visually pleasing.

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Example on ARM Linux

By Sébastien Rinsoz, in DIY and Tiny PC, april 20,2012.

This week, we are making two gauges which are going to display CPU and disk usage of a machine under Linux, but we are going to make them the Yoctopuce way: two physical gauges controlled by two servomotors! As many customers have been asking whether we support ARM architectures, we are going to create this project on a "computer" which uses this architecture.

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A DIY joystick for HTML5

By mvuilleu, in DIY, march 08,2012.

Some time ago, we published a speed test of our API. However, as a concrete example is sometimes more useful than numbers, we are proposing you today a small game written in Javascript (HTML5), which you can play with the keyboard or with a USB game pad based on a Yocto-Knob.

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Server room overheat alarm

By martinm, in DIY, march 02,2012.

The cold season is almost over, very soon Summer weather will be here, and what's gonna happen ? You know it too well: your server room air-conditioning's gonna fail. Indeed, experience shows that the probability to see the server room AC fail with Summer days is directly proportional to the money the management intended to save by choosing the cheapest contractor. Unfortunately, we won't be able to fix your air conditioning, but we can help you to manage the crisis.

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