The Yocto-PowerRelay-V2 is a small USB power relay. It contains a USB-driven SPDT power relay switch: you can drive by software the relay input to one of the two outputs. To make it easier to test your project, two LEDs show the currently active output.

Ce module ne contient qu'un seul relais, mais est conçu pour commuter des charges plus importantes que le Yocto-Relay: le relais et le bornier sont prévus pour supporter un courant de 5A et des tensions dangereuses. Si l'on met le Yocto-PowerRelay-V2 dans un boîtier protecteur adéquat, on peut même l'utiliser pour commuter directement un appareil branché sur le secteur, jusqu'à 200 ou 250 V AC r.m.s selon les cas. Notez toutefois que pour commuter des charges sur le secteur, le Yocto-PowerRelay-V3 est plus approprié.

Attention, l'utilisation de relais pour piloter des circuits à fort courant contenant des bobinages (moteurs, transformateurs) peut entraîner une usure accélérée des relais. Veuillez vous référer à la documentation pour voir comment éviter ce type de problèmes.

This device can be connected directly to an Ethernet network using a YoctoHub-Ethernet, to a WiFi network using a YoctoHub-Wireless-g, it can even be connected to a GSM network thanks to the YoctoHub-GSM.

Yocto-PowerRelay-V2 Yocto-PowerRelay-V2 Yocto-PowerRelay-V2

USB cables and enclosures to be ordered separately.

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Product name:Yocto-PowerRelay-V2
USB connector:micro-B
Relay type:TE PE014005
Max switching current:5A
Max switching power:1250VA
Operate time:10ms (typ.)
Release time:10ms (typ.)
Max withholding voltage:1000V AC
Max working voltage:250V AC
IEC protection class:class II
USB insulation, clearance dist.:3.2mm
USB insulation, creepage dist.:4mm
USB insulation, dielectric strength:4kV
Normal operating temperature:5...40°C
Extended operating temperature1:-30...85°C
Supported Operating Systems:Windows (PC + IoT), Linux (Intel + ARM), macOS, Android
Drivers:no driver needed
API / SDK / Libraries:C++, Objective-C, C#, VB.NET, UWP, Delphi, Python, Java, Android
API / SDK / Libraries (TCP only):Javascript, Node.js, PHP
Suggested enclosure:YoctoBox-Short-Thick-Black
Cables and enclosures:available separately
Harmonized tariff code:8542.3190
Made in:Switzerland

1 The extended temperature range is defined based on components specifications and has been tested during a limited duration (1h). When using the device in harsh environments for a long period of time, we strongly advise to run extensive tests before going to production.

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User manual (HTML)
User manual (PDF)
3D file (STEP)
RoHS Certificate (PDF)
Last Firmware31735 (08/17/2018)
Library for Javascript33736 (12/17/2018)
Library for PHP33736 (12/17/2018)
Library for Objective C34022 (01/16/2019)
Library for C++34022 (01/16/2019)
Library for C#34022 (01/16/2019)
Library for VisualBasic .NET34022 (01/16/2019)
Library for Delphi34022 (01/16/2019)
Library for Python34022 (01/16/2019)
Library for Java33831 (12/21/2018)
Library for Android33736 (12/17/2018)
Library for Command line33831 (12/21/2018)
Virtual Hub for Windows33982 (01/11/2019)
Virtual Hub for Linux, Intel + ARM33982 (01/11/2019)
Virtual Hub for Mac-OS-X33982 (01/11/2019)

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