You want to protect your precious Raspberry Pi board against short-circuits, while keeping access to all connectors ? This enclosure is made of two acrylic glass plates and metallic spacers. No glue is needed at all: all parts interlock, including the board, and 8 screws keep them in place.

If you interchange top and bottom plate, you will be able to mount on top of the enclosure a USB Micro-Hub from Yoctopuce, and up to 3 three Yoctopuce devices, allowing your Raspberry Pi to interact with the real world.

That enclosure is not compatible with A+/B+ models.

Yoctopuce offers the design of this enclosure for free, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Cut file is available here (CorelDraw format), all parts list can be found in the blueprint.

RaspBox RaspBox RaspBox RaspBox
This product is not available anymore.


Part Number:RASPBOX1
Product name:RaspBox
Made inSwitzerland

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