API update and new performance measures

By mvuilleu, in New stuff and Tiny PC, october 12,2012.

After several days of testing, we published this week a new version of the programming libraries (API) for all the languages, as well as a new version of the VirtualHub software, allowing you to reach our USB modules through the network. New or improved features are:
- improved ARM support (MK802, MK805, and Raspberry Pi)
- access control on network connections
- HTTP callback in the VirtualHub
- improved performances with all the languages

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New command line API

By martinm, in New stuff, october 09,2012.

Until now, when you wanted to test a Yoctopuce module, change a parameter, or read a sensor value, you had either to run a VirtualHub, or to write a short program yourself. From now on, there is a faster, simpler, and more efficient solution: the command line API...

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New USB sensors

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, september 21,2012.

This week we are proud to announce the availability of two new products, long awaited by our industrial customers as well as DIYers. The first one, named Yocto-Thermocouple, is a tiny module capable of sensing the temperature at the end of two thermocouple cables, ideal to measure very high and fast-changing temperatures, as well as to measure the temperature of liquids or food for instance. The second one, named Yocto-CO2, measures carbon dioxide in ambiant air and will tell you about the quality of the air you are breathing.

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Yocto-Box : family portrait

By martinm, in New stuff, july 20,2012.

Great news! the whole range of Yocto-Devices enclosures is now available on our shop. It's probably time for a recap on those enclosure specs, so you can choose the one that fits your need.

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Mini-enclosures for mini-modules

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, april 26,2012.

Among the various requests that you have made to us, there is one which is particularly difficult to satisfy: to provide an enclosure to protect and dress our modules. Sure, we could have contented ourselves to sell a grey plastic container in the purest 70's style, as others do it, but this really didn't fit with the style of the modules. We could have gone for an acrylic glass enclosure, which has always a good rendering on pictures, but it would have been too bulky and unpractical with regards to the size of our modules. No, something better was needed, something which would not make our modules lose their size advantage...

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