The Yocto-GPS

The Yocto-GPS

Earth seen from the Discovery shuttle, courtesy of NASABy now, you must have understood it: Yoctopuce R&D department works like a weathercock. The expression is somewhat simplistic, but we do really try to fulfill our customers' expectations. Each time a customer asks us whether we wouldn't want, by any chance, to create a module to do this or that, we carefully write down the request. And we create new products depending on the interest they rouse. This week, it's time for the new GPS module that you have demanded quite often.

The Yocto-GPS is a 60mm board in length, with a U.FL connector for the antenna. A small ceramic antenna is provided, but you can use almost any active antenna. This means that you can install the module in a well protected location, such as a waterproof enclosure, and move away the antenna to the outside where it will have an optimal reception.

The Yocto-GPS
The Yocto-GPS

Global Navigation Satellite System

Technically, the Yocto-GPS is a GNSS module, where GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System. The module can indeed receive signals not only from the GPS system satellite constellation, but also from the Russian GLONASS system. Theoretically, a future firmware upgrade will allow to receive Galileo signals as well, but we'll have to wait until they manage to place enough satellites up there :-)


Rather logically, the Yocto-GPS can give you its position, or more precisely the position of its antenna. With a correct reception, you can expect an accuracy in the order of 1.5 meter. The module can also directly provide you with its travel speed, as well as the travel direction. As unimportant as it may seem, the module can also give you the time. You can now set up computers in the middle of nowhere and keep them on time. As all the Yoctopuce sensors, the Yocto-GPS is equipped with a data logger. It enables you to record all moves made by the module. The Yocto-GPS can also give you an altitude, but given the well-known imprecision of altitude computations performed by GPS, don't rely on it.


The Yocto-GPS has 32 channels and a 10Hz refresh frequency. After a cold start, you'll obtain your first position in less than 35 seconds. The module is also equipped with a small battery which enables it to start much faster, as long as the satellite constellation has not changed too much since the last power off.


It has been a while since the first request for a GPS module. The Yocto-GPS is a simple and performing product. It should make you happy if you need a simple way to know your position, your travel speed, or simply the time. All that by USB, without driver. To end that presentation here is a little video we shot while testing the Yocto-GPS. Happy Easter!


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