Coronavirus disease 2019

Coronavirus disease 2019

Here in Switzerland, the population is currently not formally confined, but all the schools and all the non-essentials shops are closed, meetings of more than 5 people are forbidden. Borders are closed as well, unless you have a truly valid reason to cross them, and the population is strongly encouraged to stay at home. If you read this post, you are either bored senseless at home, or you wonder how Yoctopuce is handling this unprecedented crisis.

What is Yoctopuce doing?

Being a small company that produces internally and sells only by mail-order is clearly an advantage in terms of adaptation. 3/4 of the personnel now works from home, but we have so far kept a sufficient production and shipping capacity to satisfy all the orders. We have large stocks of components, and we even took advantage of this past week to increase our stock of finished products in case we would have to stop production altogether. The challenge is to keep being able to provide our professional customers who rely on us all around the world. The personnel in charge of driving the production machines has gone into super autistic mode, which, to tell you the truth, doesn't change him much from his usual way of life.

Because of the truly special location of Yoctopuce, we are in the countryside and one of the employees literally lives less than 20m away from the site, we will be able to go on shipping products as long as we have stock and as long as delivery services (La Poste, DHL, Fedex or UPS) are able to do their work.

Starting from 19.3, Swiss Post is reducing international delivery services. For now you will therefore have to choose between DHL, FedEx or UPS for international orders.

And if it gets any worse?

In the hypothesis where deliveries become impossible, we can put Yoctopuce to sleep until the situation comes back to normal. In this case, you'll be notified on the web site, but we'll leave the shop open and we'll handle the commands in order of arrival as soon as things get better.

To conclude

Yoctopuce does everything it can reasonably do to ensure the continuity of its services, while ensuring the safety of its employees. You can keep placing orders, but feel free to send us an email if you want to make sure first that they will be shipped in a timely fashion.

Take care.

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thanks guys, stay safe!

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