Yoctopuce, USB Sensors and Actuators

USB Sensors and Actuators

Yoctopuce designs, manufactures and sells USB devices to let your computer sit in the real world. Our USB modules are tiny, easy to install and easy to drive programmatically. Among them you will find:


Yocto-Altimeter-V2USB barometric altimeter with integrated data logger

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YoctoHub-Wireless-nHub enabling the connection of 3 Yoctopuce modules directly on a wireless network (802.11b/g/n), with a built-in timer.

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Application examples, hints and tutorials

Coronavirus disease 2019

Here in Switzerland, the population is currently not formally confined, but all the schools and all the non-essentials shops are closed, meetings of more than 5 people are forbidden. Borders are closed as well, unless you have a truly valid reason to cross them, and the population is strongly encouraged to stay at home. If you read this post, you are either bored senseless at home, or you wonder how Yoctopuce is handling this unprecedented crisis.

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HTTP callbacks

This week, we continue our "For the beginners" post series. Do you know that you can configure YoctoHubs so that they connect themselves directly to Cloud services? This feature is available on all the YoctoHubs and on the VirtualHub. Here is an overview of the supported Cloud services.

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