Yoctopuce, USB sensors and actuators

Meet Yoctopuce

Yoctopuce designs, manufactures and sells USB devices to let your computer sit in the real world, not in the cloud. Our USB modules are tiny, easy to install and easy to drive programmatically. Among them you will find:


Yocto-VOCTiny USB sensor to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in ambiant air, with built-in datalogger

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Yocto-MeteoThis USB module is tiny weather station: it features a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor and a pressure sensor. It includes a built-in data logger as well.

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And what's smoking ?

Interfacing a rotary encoder with a Yocto-Knob

We already used the Yocto-Knob to interface potentiometers, buttons, photo-diodes, but never so far a rotary encoder. This week, we are going to see how to interface a rotary encoder with a Yocto-Knob to create a more advanced human-computer interface.

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An animated Advent window

For Advent, we were asked to decorate a "lighted window" as part of a local street animation. We decided to do this decoration as a shadow play. This offers us the opportunity to show you different methods to animate a window display with Yoctopuce modules, with a video demonstration.

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