Yoctopuce, USB sensors and actuators

Meet Yoctopuce

Yoctopuce designs, manufactures and sells USB devices to let your computer sit in the real world, not in the cloud. Our USB modules are tiny, easy to install and easy to drive programmatically. Among them you will find:


Yocto-LatchedRelayUSB interface driving an electromagnetic latching relay capable of switching directly low-voltage appliances, up to 450W.

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Yocto-SerialUSB to serial adapter for TTL/CMOS electrical levels (3.3V or 5V), with built-in data analyser. Works without driver and without COM port.

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And what's smoking ?

Yoctopuce-style light barrier

You are probably aware of the problem: how to ensure a minimum of security when you back out of a private property in a car, without visibility. Most of the time, people simply back out really slowly and hope that no one bumps into them. But you are still at the mercy of a distracted driver. Hence the idea of a light barrier triggering a light signal to warn oncoming traffic of the danger.

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Using a Pitot probe with a Yocto-0-10V-Rx

A few years ago, we explained how to create an anemometer, but there is another solution to measure wind speed: the Pitot tube. This week, we are going to see how to measure wind speed with a Pitot tube for scaled modelling and a Yocto-0-10V-Rx.

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