Yoctopuce, USB sensors and actuators

Meet Yoctopuce

Yoctopuce designs, manufactures and sells USB devices to let your computer sit in the real world, not in the cloud. Our USB modules are tiny, easy to install and easy to drive programmatically. Among them you will find:


Yocto-WattThis device is a watt-meter. It will allow you to monitor the power consumption of almost any electrical device, and includes a built-in data logger.

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Yocto-ServoUSB controller for driving up to 5 RC servo-motors, with optional external power supply.

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New ! The Yocto-RS232

This week, we are presenting the Yocto-RS232. This project was in and about for a while, but because of a recent increase in the demand for this kind of module, we at last decided to complete it. The Yocto-RS232 has a hard duty: to simplify your life to access anything with an RS232 interface. You must be thinking that FTDI has been doing this very well for a long time... Maybe, but the Yocto-RS232 may open up your eyes to new horizons.

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Light sensors comparison

Some time ago, we had to stop making the Yocto-Light because the OSRAM light sensor that we used on this module stopped being produced. As a replacement, we now offer two products: the Yocto-Light-V2, more reactive, based on an AVAGO sensor, and the Yocto-Light-V3, truer to the human eye, based on a ROHM sensor. Let's see how they compare...

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