Yoctopuce, USB sensors and actuators

Meet Yoctopuce

Yoctopuce designs, manufactures and sells USB devices to let your computer sit in the real world, not in the cloud. Our USB modules are tiny, easy to install and easy to drive programmatically. Among them you will find:


Yocto-AmpThis tiny device is an isolated current sensor, for both AC and DC. It is electrically isolated, and includes a built-in data logger.

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YoctoHub-Wireless-SRHub enabling the connection of 3 Yoctopuce modules directly on a wireless network (802.11b), with a built-in timer. This version does not have an antenna connector, but a built-in short-range PCB antenna.

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And what's smoking ?

New! The Yocto-Proximity

This week, we present the latest addition to the Yoctopuce range, the Yocto-Proximity. It's an infrared proximity sensor which allows you to detect the presence of objects without physical contact. Let's see what it's all about...

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Optimizing the reading of Yoctopuce sensors

The Yoctopuce API has several distinct mechanisms to optimize access to the sensors, through USB as well as through the network. In a previous post, we talked about the polling and callback methods and compared their respective advantages. Today, we offer a new intermediary method, enabling you to optimize access to some sensor attributes, when you can't do it with a callback.

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