Do you need to monitor a pressurized circuit? The Yocto-Pressure might be the solution. This device can measure gas or liquid pressure up to 10 bars through USB. Moreover, it can record measured values on its internal flash for later retrieval when connected again by USB (built-in data logger). The Yocto-Pressure can also measure the temperature of the gas/liquid it is in contact with. The device features a SMC "one touch" fitting allowing to connect it to any 4mm tube very easily.

The Yocto-Pressure circuit has been designed so that the sensor itself can be moved away from the USB connector by a few meters: simply split the board into two parts and solder a 4-wire cable on the designated pads.

This device can be connected directly to an Ethernet network using a YoctoHub-Ethernet, to a WiFi network using a YoctoHub-Wireless-n and to a GSM network using a YoctoHub-GSM.

Yocto-Pressure Yocto-Pressure Yocto-Pressure Enclosure to be ordered separately

USB cables and enclosures to be ordered separately.

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Product name:Yocto-Pressure
USB connector:micro-B
Refresh rate:10Hz
Measuring range:0...10bar
Protection class, according to IEC 61140:class III
Normal operating temperature:5...40░C
Extended operating temperature1:-5...60░C
Supported Operating Systems:Windows (PC + IoT), Linux (Intel + ARM), macOS, Android
Drivers:Driverless, no driver needed
API / SDK / Libraries:C++ Obj-C C# VB.NET UWP Delphi Python Java Android LabVIEW
API / SDK / Libraries (TCP only):Javascript Node.js PHP
RoHS compliance:RoHS III (2011/65/UE+2015/863)
Suggested enclosure:YoctoBox-Long-Thick-Black-Press
Harmonized tariff code:9032.9000
Cables and enclosures:available separately
Made in:Switzerland

1 The extended temperature range is defined based on components specifications and has been tested during a limited duration (1h). When using the device in harsh environments for a long period of time, we strongly advise to run extensive tests before going to production.

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YoctoBox-Long-Thick-Black-Press, Enclosure for Yocto-Pressure (black base)Fix-2.5mm, screws and spacersUSB-A-MicroB-50, USB 2.0 type A to Micro-B data cable, 50 cm

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User manual (HTML)
User manual (PDF)
Product brief
3D file (STEP)
RoHS certificate
Most recent firmware51180 (12/02/2022)
Programming libraries61813 (07/05/2024)
Command line API61813 (07/05/2024)
VirtualHub application61813 (07/05/2024)

Add a comment 6 comments

1 - etnaroaster Monday,april 08,2019 8H22

Hi, can measure combustion gas like propane on range pressure 0-30 mbar?

2 - martinm (Yocto-Team)Monday,april 08,2019 9H06

@etnaroaster: this is probably a very bad idea since none of our products is certified nor designed for use in explosive atmosphere.

3 - Jan Lundgren Monday,april 26,2021 14H41

Hi, we have been testing this module for a while and sometimes it seems to give the wrong values. From showing perfectly normal values it can after some hours start showing about double pressure and half the temperature (2294,1 mbar / 10,84 C).
Tested on several computers both from Java and the WebUI. Next morning it works just perfect again. Any ideas what could be wrong?

Cardno: PRESSMK1-17ACF6
Firmware: 44118

BR Jan

4 - martinm (Yocto-Team)Monday,april 26,2021 18H07

@Jan Lundgren : this is the first time we hear of such a strange behavior. I suspect a bug triggered by some specific condition. Please contact Yoctopuce support, and we'll try to figure this out.

5 - Pablo Aguilar Sunday,october 22,2023 17H20

Hi, its adequate for gas pressure in a coffee roaster?

6 - martinm (Yocto-Team)Monday,october 23,2023 4H45

@Pablo Aguilar: if by gas you mean butane or propane... then no. The Yocto-pressure is not certified nor designed to work in explosive environment.

Yoctopuce, get your stuff connected.