New: The Yocto-RS485-V2

New: The Yocto-RS485-V2

Once again, we have the pleasure to announce a product improvement. We are replacing the Yocto-RS485, our RS485 isolated interface, with the Yocto-RS485-V2 which is fully compatible but benefits from improvements in terms of electromagnetic compatibility.

The RS485 standard is mainly used in industry, as it has several advantages. First, it offers great robustness to electromagnetic perturbations and enables distances 100 times longer than the RS232 standard, for example. Second, an RS485 connection can work on a bus and thus enables several sensors to be chained, while the RS232 is designed only for point-to-point connections.

But when you want to use long wires in an industrial environment, you must be ready to resist severe electromagnetic perturbations which are likely to be induced on the wires by other machines. You must expect to be connected with devices powered on different phases, with surges when power-hungry machines are turned on and off on the same circuit, and many other electromagnetic horrors of this type. The first Yocto-RS485 was already quite well protected against this type of issues, but the new Yocto-RS485-V2 increases the module immunity even more.

In parallel, for use in labs, we have also reduced the electromagnetic emissions of the module itself, in order to avoid any risk to influence other nearby devices which would not be well protected against electromagnetic emissions. The Yocto-RS485-V2 conforms therefore to the strict emission requirements of a residential environment.

These improvements required a very minor modification in length, as the Yocto-RS485-V2 measures 60mm long against 56mm for its predecessor:

The Yocto-RS485 and its successor
The Yocto-RS485 and its successor

Both fit in the same enclosure, the YoctoBox-Long-Thick-Black, so the few additional millimeters shouldn't make a difference in most cases.

The improved components unfortunately lead to a slightly more expensive product than the previous version version. As for technical specifications, here is a comparative table of the characteristics of the two devices:

ESD protection (HBM)15 kV30 kV
ESD protection according to
IEC 61000-4-2
not specified15 kV
Electrical fast transient
immunity (burst)
IEC 61000-4-4
not specified4 kV
Surge immunity
IEC 61000-4-5
not specified6 kV
Safety isolation
(unlimited duration)
simple, for
300 V r.m.s.
reinforced, for
250 V r.m.s.
Test voltage(1 min)2500 V r.m.s.4000 V r.m.s.

We hope that this new product will fully meet your requirements. In case you hit any snag, don't hesitate to contact our technical support !

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