This cable will allow you to plug Yoctopuce devices on a YoctoHub, or on devices with Micro-USB On the Go (OTG) ports, such as your Android smart-phone.

This product is not available anymore. It has been replaced by the USB-OTG-MicroB-MicroB-120


Product ID:OTGBB100
Product name:USB-OTG-MicroB-MicroB-100
Replacement product:USB-OTG-MicroB-MicroB-120
USB connector:Micro-B / Micro-B
Harmonized tariff code:8544.4290
Made in:China

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1 - michael.wendt Thursday,january 26,2017 10H25

Are all pins conencted in the cable (5 wires?) Thank you!

2 - martinm (Yocto-Team)Thursday,january 26,2017 11H19

@michael.wendt : In USB OTG specs, the 5th contact, called ID pin, is not mean to transmit a signal. Basically It's a pull down used to identify the kind of device connected: host or slave... More info on Wikipedia:

I doubt you will able find any USB cable with 5 wires.

Yoctopuce, get your stuff connected.