Usb sensors

USB Sensors


You will find here tiny USB sensors and probes. These sensors can also be connected directly to the network using a YoctoHub. Using these devices, you can easily build systems that adapt their behavior based on environmental parameters, or react to user input without using a keyboard or a mouse.

Our USB devices are driver-free. You integrate the source code to control them directly into your solution. Currently, we support Javascript, PHP, C++, Objective-C, C#, VisualBasic .NET, Delphi an Python



This USB module is tiny weather station: it features a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor and a pressure sensor. It includes a built-in data logger as well. You can add Ethernet, Wireless or GSM connectivity to this device.
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Are you looking for something else ? Contact-us ! Starting at 300 units, we can offer customized variants of the modules above, at a similar price.

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