Set of DuPont connectors with 12 25cm wires, pre-crimped with DuPont contacts. This kit will let you connect rotary quadrature encoders, push-buttons, switches and potentiometers to your Yocto-MaxiKnob.
The twelve wires provided in the kit can be freely assembled into the housing provided in the kit in one of the following way: one 6x2 connector, three 2x2 connectors, two 3x2 connectors or one 4x2 connector plus one 2x2 connector.

To make your work easier, these cables are made of tinned wires, using heat-resistant isolator that will not shrink when soldered. The connectors are PV-Mini-Latch serie from Amphenol ICC (FCI), formerly DuPont/Berg Connector Systems, with gold-plated contacts.

For simple 2-wires connectors, see the product named Dupont-Twin.

Dupont-Kit Dupont-Kit Dupont-Kit
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Product name:Dupont-Kit
Normal operating temperature:-40...105░C
RoHS compliance:RoHS III (2011/65/UE+2015/863)
Harmonized tariff code:8544.4290
Made in:Switzerland


RoHS certificate
REACH certificate

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