Unbricking an intel edison

Unbricking an Intel Edison

Our first contact with the Intel Edison was not very encouraging: we received it without any firmware, So we had to flash it from scratch. Here are the main steps to do that:


To flash your Edison, including reinstalling the boot loader, you need:


When you have retrieved all the pieces, unzip the Linux image in a directory of your choice, go to this directory, make sure that dfu-util and xfstk are available and
  1. Run the flashall.sh --recovery script to install the boot loader.
  2. Only then, connect the Edison to your machine through the OTG port. If you want to see what happens, connect the serial console as well.
  3. When the boot loader is installed, rerun flashall without parameters this time, to install the OS. Note that in our case, it didn't work on Linux, we had to do it on Windows.
At this stage, your Edison is supposed to display a login prompt. On the YoctoLinux image, the username is root and there is not password. The last thing you must do is to configure your Edison with the configure_edison --setup command.
Yoctopuce, get your stuff connected.