Solar experiment

Solar experiment

These are the results of an experiment meant to power some Yoctopuce devices with solar energy. It uses a solar panel, a MK805 mini computer, a few Yoctopuce devices and some other elements widly available to the general public. More details here.

Last update 4182 day(s) ago

Sept 14 : new battery

Replaced the 3Ah 1.6Ah battery, with a more professionnal 4.5Ah model.

the new battery

Sept 15 : new DC/DC

Replaced the big old DC/DC converter, with a tiny modern version.

New tiny DC/DC vs old big DC/DC

Since the new one wasn't available with terminal blocks, we had to solder it on a PCB

new DC/DC  on a pcb with terminal blocks

Somehow, the MK805 stops to work every evenings around 8pm, no matter the battery level. We are suspecting condensation issues, so we tropicalized the MK805's board.

Sept 27 : MK805 power up issue

Looks like the MK805 have a problem at power up time. From time to time, when we power up the MK805, the power led lights up, but the MK805 does not boot. If we unplug et plug again the power cord, the device still doesn't boot and the led doesn't even light up. If we do one more unplug/plug cycle, then the led will light up again and the MK805 will boot. This strange behavior seems to be liked to the temperature: it occurs quitte often when the temperature is below 12░C.

Yoctopuce, get your stuff connected.