Inner workings of Yoctopuce sensors

By martinm, in For the beginners, january 14,2022.

When Yoctopuce talks with customers, we realize that there are sometimes misunderstandings about the inner workings of Yoctopuce sensors. These misunderstandings may lead to suboptimal use of the said sensors. Therefore, this week we are going to clarify some points.

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Connecting several Yoctopuce modules at the same time

By martinm, in For the beginners, october 01,2021.

There is a beginner's question which comes back to support from time to time: can you use several Yoctopuce modules, identical or not, on the same machine? The answer is obviously yes. It was even a requirement that figured prominently when we imagined the general design of Yoctopuce products ten years ago. This being said, we could develop our answer some more...

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Creating an executable with LabVIEW

By martinm, in For the beginners, september 10,2021.

Several of our customers have had trouble creating an executable file from a LabVIEW project using the Yoctopuce library. An issue with a "library not found". Therefore this week we are going to provide you with a small tutorial on this topic.

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How to start in TypeScript with Yoctopuce modules

By mvuilleu, in For the beginners and Programming, january 29,2021.

Starting this week, you can use Yoctopuce modules directly from an application written in TypeScript. We have indeed just published a new programming library for this language, which is becoming more and more popular. It's therefore the occasion to offer you a tutorial for new users of Yoctopuce modules, with a short and simple but realistic example. As usual, we assume that you have some prior knowledge of TypeScript programming, but we'll explain the rest in detail.

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Contacting support in an efficient way

By seb, in For the beginners, january 15,2021.

Despite all our efforts, sometimes our software or our programming libraries do not behave in the way expected by our customers. This can be due to a bug or to a too complex interface. If this happens to you, support is available to help you solve these issues. However, we often get vague or incomplete questions. In order to avoid unnecessary email exchanges, here is a list of recommendations for contacting support.

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