Josephine the USB coffee machine

By martinm, in DIY, september 16,2011.

The number one fantasy among DIYers is probably hacking the coffee machine to remote control it. We thought about this for many years. Today we finally decided to do it. Meet Josephine, our coffee machine, an old JURA IMPRESSA F505 model.

The most difficult part was to dismantle it. Obviously, the guys who designed it did not want us to have a look inside. There is almost no screw: all parts are clipped-in.

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By martinm, in DIY, august 22,2011.

When it's hot like today, a fan is kinda cool, but a USB fan is so much cooler. So to build a USB fan we need: a basic fan bought from the nearest appliance store, a Yocto-PowerRelay, 15 minutes to properly install the device in the fan, some more time to code a nice web page to control it, et voila! a nice USB fan remotely controlled from your desk. Have a peek below...

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