Yocto-Graph improvements

By seb, in Android, july 19,2019.

This week, we are going to talk about our Yocto-Graph Android application. At the beginning, this application was designed as a usage example for the data logger, but some customers find it convenient and have asked use whether we could add network support to it, in order to use Yoctopuce modules connected to a YoctoHub. We therefore decided to add network support to the Yocto-Graph.

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How to use Yoctopuce Android library with Kotlin

By seb, in Android and Programming, may 17,2019.

The annual Google IO conference was held last week. During the different keynotes for Android, there was a specific focus on Kotlin, the new programming language for Android. As this language is becoming more and more popular, we decided to devote a post on it: we are going to see how to use our Android library in an Android application written in Kotlin.

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Counting with a Yocto-Bridge

By seb, in Android, july 01,2018.

A few weeks ago, we implemented a hanging scale and, to do so, we wrote a short Android application which displayed the weight. This week, we are improving this application so that it can also automatically count the number of objects on the scale depending on a reference value.

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Implementing a hanging scale

By seb, in DIY and Android, may 04,2018.

This week, we are going to do some tinkering and build a hanging scale with a Yocto-Bridge and an Android smart phone. The aim is to weigh objects ranging from a few hundreds of grams to about twenty kilos, in order to weigh objects such a model air planes or bikes. Strangely, two widely popular hobbies at Yoctopuce :-)

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How to start with Yoctopuce modules on Android

By seb, in Android, august 25,2017.

The post of this week is dedicated to Android. We implemented Android projects a number of times already, but this week we are going to concentrate on the software part. We are going to write a short application displaying the value of a temperature sensor connected by USB.

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