Yoctopuce, who cares ?

Yoctopuce, who cares ?

Our products are intended for 3 categories of users: professional developers, hobbyists and the education sector.

To the professional developers, we offer high-quality products that make it simple to interface software with the real world. Our USB sensors, USB inputs, and USB controllers can be integrated into existing projects without hassle: we provide all the source code necessary to drive them, without relying on a third-party library or driver. Our USB products are all driver-free. We hope that such products will contribute to the vsnishing of all these unreliable serial-emulation based USB interfaces that are still so frequently found in professional products.

To the hobbyists and DIYers, we bring an easy solution to implement home automation projects. We generally consider that anyone able to author a web site using PHP or Javascript should easily be able to build his or her own automation interface. But until today, this was not so simple... This is why we have decided to offer from the very beginning an API in Javascript and PHP that will let you work with our USB sensors and drive our USB controllers using an Internet connection, for instance.

To the education sector, we would like to give a chance to teach computer science with a bit more fun. In these days where every student owns a smartphone capable of doing augmented reality, spending time on exercices for which the only aim is to display the result of a computation on the screen is not very appealing... But if the computation is directly connected to the real world using a tiny USB device, it becomes a completely different story.

As you will have guessed, we are interested inthese 3 audiences because are acquainted with them. And since we believe that one can only properly understand a problem when having faced it personally, we are not ashamed to tell you so :-)

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