We are moving!

We are moving!

This week is quite special for the Yoctopuce team. After 10 years spent in the garage where Yoctopuce was founded, we finally took the plunge and moved to new premises, a little more roomy...

To tell you the truth, we didn't have a choice anymore. Working in the garage was becoming a constant obstacle course, stepping over boxes and playing towers of Hanoi with crates of components... After years of progressive densifying during which each wall and ceiling section was used as a new storing space to be able to let in, if possible, a new production machine, there was truly no space anywhere anymore. And then component procurement times started to explode this year, forcing us to globally and drastically increase our stocks to more than one year, in order to continue to supply our customers. But where to store them?

The good news is that's going to be much more comfortable and that we'll be more efficient to serve you. We even took this opportunity to increase the team and hire someone!

However, in the very short term, you might have noticed a slight delay in email processing this week, as we spend a large part of the day moving crates and building shelves. Sorry, but it shouldn't be for long. In our first moving phase, we relocate only R&D and sales, and we keep the production machines in the garage, to ensure that we don't affect our production capacity.

In a few weeks, we'll move the large machines. Then, there will be a couple of days without production, but everything should be back in order in no time, as all the infrastructure will be ready.

For all intents and purposes, our new address:

  • Yoctopuce
    route de Cartigny 33
    1236 Cartigny
    phone +41 22 756 59 14

Our email stays the same: support@yoctopuce.com and it's still better suited than the phone for support issues!

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