Our customers burst with ideas

Our customers burst with ideas

We regularly present you with more or less original ideas on how to use our products. The subject of the posts depends on the inspiration of the week or on issues submitted to us. Usually, our examples are oriented towards home automation or industry applications. For a bit of fresh air, here are a few very different examples, created and made public directly by our customers.

The three projects that we selected to present today were chosen because they were original and because they were public. Don't worry, if you have exchanged information with us by mail about your projects, we aren't going to disclose your design secrets :-)

Use in the retail business

The social marketing company On Prend Un Café has used our new Yocto-MaxiDisplay OLED screens for a social marketing experiment at KIABI. Screens located on top of clothes shelves show in real time the likes of the products, which can be recorded through a Facebook App. The hesitant customer can thus be guided by the moods of fashion ...


Technically speaking, this project exploits Yoctopuce HTTP callback API, enabling a direct link with the server connected to Facebook, regardless of the rooting constraints of the network environment of a retail store.

If this type of projects interests you, don't hesitate to contact the "On prend un Café" team. It's a really dynamic and cool team.

Artistic use

Alain Pittet exhibits his new Exercices Exploratoires (Exploratory Exercises) made from pages found in very old but damaged printed books. The exhibit lasts until June 21st and is located at the Brachard Contemporain gallery (in Geneva, Switzerland). Two works of this exhibit hide Yoctopuce modules. The first one is an optical illusion which seems to sink inside the wall on which the work is mounted:

The light dots come from a  Yocto-Color (click to enlarge!)
The light dots come from a Yocto-Color (click to enlarge!)

The second one is inspired from Tibetan prayer wheels and is set in motion when you take a closer look:

When a visitor gets close to the work, the scroll starts to rotate spontaneously.

Regular readers of our blog may have recognized the use of an optical telemeter, built with a Yocto-Volt. A Yocto-Relay was added to actuate the motor.

If you want to speak with the artist, he'll be a the gallery on Saturday May 4th during the whole day.

Use on the move

The Valarm company has skillfully combined the possibilities of Android phones with that of our USB modules, such as the Yocto-VOC which monitors the changes in air quality. By simply exploiting the phone geo-localization, the Valarm app is able to represent in 3D the measure evolution on a given journey. Everyone can thus, for a low cost, create his or her own micro-map of environmental parameters and share it with the community.

Air quality is measured with a Yocto-VOC, and then represented in 3D on a map
Air quality is measured with a Yocto-VOC, and then represented in 3D on a map

For more details, have a look at the full post on the Valarm blog: How healthy is your air?. It's very interesting.

What else?

If you have published an implementation with our modules and are ready to make it known, don't hesitate to send us a message. We are always interested, and it will probably interest others as well. For the next article of this type, or simply a tweet...

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