New! The Yocto-MaxiBuzzer

New! The Yocto-MaxiBuzzer

The Yocto-Buzzer is a very practical module when you want to do some signalling, such as making a confirmation beep. However, as many customers relayed it to us, its limited power prevents you from using it as an sound alarm: it is difficult to hear it in a noisy room. Never mind that, this week we present the brand new Yocto-MaxiBuzzer.


The Yocto-MaxiBuzzer is a doped up version of the Yocto-Buzzer: it is a double-width module and uses a MALLORY PT-4532-PLQ diaphragm speaker instead of a simple piezo buzzer. A true audio amplifier drives the speaker, which allowed us to optimize the output power, with a linear volume control as a bonus. The result is rather spectacular: one can output more than 100dB(A). If this thing is switched on at full power right besides you, you will instinctively want to knock it out to make it stop.

A Yocto-MaxiBuzzer besides a Yocto-Buzzer
A Yocto-MaxiBuzzer besides a Yocto-Buzzer

However, don't make us say what we haven't: Although it is based on audio components, the Yocto-MaxiBuzzer remains a buzzer designed for very loud beeps. It is in no way a sound card able to play MP3.

Little extras

Like the Yocto-Buzzer, the Yocto-MaxiBuzzer provides a few extras:

Analog input

Yocto-MaxiBuzzer has two analog "anButton" inputs, the same as those located on the Yocto-Knob. They enable you to interface switches, push buttons, and other potentiometers.

RGB led output

The Yocto-Buzzer has two leds, a red one and a green one, that you can drive independently. On the Yocto-MaxiBuzzer, we improved the concept by using one RGB led and by adding an output allowing you to drive up to 150 RGB smart-leds, as you would with the Yocto-Color-V2, including autonomous animations. You'll be enjoying the visual part. Its the only feature which is not 100% compatible with the Yocto-Buzzer. If you have code using the leds of the Yocto-Buzzer, you must modify it if you want to replace your Yocto-Buzzer with a Yocto-MaxiBuzzer. But the effort is truly minimal and the result is really worth it.


The recommended enclosure is the YoctoBox-MaxiBuz. It's a classic double-width Yoctopuce enclosure on which we cut an opening.

The Yocto-MaxiBuzzer enclosure
The Yocto-MaxiBuzzer enclosure

Note that the speaker itself has two fixation holes that you can use to mount the module on a wall, or to mount accessories.


The Yocto-MaxiBuzzer is literally designed to make a lot of noise. If you need to build an alarm that you can easily drive from a computer, it's the product that you need. Finally, we recorded a short video, just to show you what the Yocto-MaxiBuzzer is capable of.


If you are interested in the source code of this demo, you can download it from here.

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