Yoctopuce, why ?

Yoctopuce, why ?

We thought we have to tell you about why there is this web site in front of you.

We founded Yoctopuce to build something we could not find anywhere: itsy-bitsy USB devices to fix all problems of the universe when we get an idea about it. "You only need a way to power up a pump, and then when someone is moving past it, it will fire that thingy and then...". And then nothing at all, because once you got the pump and the thingy, both ended up in a cupboard since we never had the time to finish the circuit that drive them. You cannot figure how many thingies we have in our cupboards...

Yoctopuce wants your projects to go live. Our first priority is to make everything simple, really simple. Connect by USB, don't bother about drivers. Three minutes after taking the device out of the envelope, you should already be playing with it from a web UI in your browser, and start thinking about what's next.

Another pain that we want to save you is the reading of 50 pages of obscure documentation just to turn on a led. We will not force you to use an unknown programming language, nor force you to learn yet another infamous Java-like framework. We offer an API for various languages (more to come), but also at various abstraction levels. Use either a high-level interface that hides all the details (but that is nevertheless provided in source form), or a complete flat access to all settings via an intuitive REST API. Make your choice according to what you are the most comfortable with.

The third pitfall we will save you from is having to choose from the very beginning between making a proof-of-concept prototype, or a making a nice-looking production-ready system. All our devices are designed to be used initially in a web of USB cables during initial tests, but can also be mounted board-to-board in an embedded circuit for a final production system, in a nice little box. And since our devices are so small, the final system will be as small as if it was initially designed for production.

To recap, Yoctopuce is here to build products that are simple but of high-quality. No outsourcing in China, no compromise on quality to save shareholders' money. No kidding, we do care about our customers.

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