Roadmap for Yoctopuce libraries

Roadmap for Yoctopuce libraries

Let's start by wishing you a Happy New Year. Yoctopuce has been around for almost 13 years, and things have changed a lot since 2011. More changes are planned and, to kick off the new year, we're going to present our Roadmap for the programming libraries and tools we offer.

We've started developing version 2.0 of many of our libraries. The main new feature of this version is encrypted communications between the library, on the one hand, and VirtualHub and VirtualHub for Web, on the other hand. Some of these new features are already available as previews.

Over the coming months, these new features will be integrated into the main branch of our code and will replace the official versions of our libraries and tools. As usual, we have taken care to maintain backward compatibility. Apart from a few more files to add to your projects or makefiles, these changes should not require any changes to your application code.

So here's the roadmap of changes that is coming to Yoctopuce software in 2024.

Already available

One of the libraries is already available. This is our command-line library. These tools already include TLS/SSL support, and the official version already uses v2.0 code. We have already published a post presenting these new features.

The library is already available on our website, but can also be installed using our APT repository.

In the very near future

The next libraries to be upgraded to v2.0 are:

  • C++ library
  • C# library
  • VisualBasic .Net library
  • Python library
  • Android library
  • Java library
  • TypeScript library
  • PHP library

The APIs of these libraries remain 100% compatible with previous versions. In fact, for some of these libraries, the only change you need to make is to change the version number. For some libraries, such as the C++ library, it will be necessary to add files to projects and/or makefiles, but that's all.

Note that precompiled versions of the libraries will no longer include MIPS and MIPSEL support. These platforms are too specific and the versions we offered were very rarely compatible with Linux installed on these platforms. However, it will still be possible to recompile the library for any architecture using the compilation tools provided for your platform.

Finally, for libraries available on a package manager, you may have to change your dependencies to authorize a major version number change.

In the near future

Just after the first batch of changes, we're going to upgrade all our tools to v2.0.

  • Yocto-Visualization
  • Yocto-Discovery
  • Yocto-BridgeCalibration
  • ModbusTool

These tools, which are based on our C# library, will not necessarily change version number, but they will integrate TLS/SSL support and be able to connect to VirtualHub for Web.


For the time being, we'll continue to offer VirtualHub 2.0 alongside VirtualHub 1.0, as the changes are more in depth and we're still in the process of adding new features to VirtualHub 2.0. So you should be seeing more frequent updates to VirtualHub 2.0 over the coming months. But as always, VirtualHub 2.0 remains compatible with all our modules and libraries (v2.0 or v1.0).

And next

Rest assured, the libraries and tools not mentioned earlier have not been discontinued. The following libraries will continue to be supported, and new features for our future modules will still be added at the same time as for all other libraries. TLS/SSL support should also arrive, but a little later.

  • Delphi
  • LabVIEW
  • .Net Proxy
  • Universal Windows Platform
  • JavaScript / EcmaScript 2017
  • Objective-C

To conclude

You'll note that we never mention a date - this is deliberate. Experience has shown us that promising a functionality by a specific date encourages people to release buggy code to meet the promised targets. We prefer to present you with the order in which we'll be working on our libraries. If your favorite language is at the back of the queue and you need TLS/SSL encryption, don't panic. Contact support to explain your problem and we'll see what we can do.

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