Yoctopuce devices come with a standard micro-B connector (the smallest). Use this 30cm cable to connect them to your computer without having extra-length hanging everywhere.

You may already have such a cable, as some mobile phone manufacturers also use micro-USB connectors. Make sure however that your cable is not based on the older mini-USB form factor, slightly larger.

We only have a few remaining units, as this product will soone be definitively replaced by the USB-A-MicroB-50.

This product is not available anymore. It has been replaced by the USB-A-MicroB-50


Product ID:USBA0030
Product name:USB-A-MicroB-30
Replacement product:USB-A-MicroB-50
USB connector:A / Micro-B
Harmonized tariff code:8544.4290
Made in:China

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