Who are we?

Who are we?

Yoctopuce is a company based in Geneva, Switzerland. It has been founded by three engineers with the intent of enabling anyone to create simple systems to automate daily tasks, implement original ideas or simply build home automation gadgets. Yoctopuce products make it possible to quickly and easily build quality automation solutions, with an attractive form factor, without any prior knowledge of electronics, and without necessarily using a soldering iron.

Yoctopuce products are designed both for professionals, looking for simple solutions that they can integrate easily, and for hobbyists, without advanced knowledge in computer science. In both cases, the value of our products resides in the attention we pay to simplicity and quality:

Our past experience within companies more concerned about their own profitability than customer satisfaction has led us to a radically different approach. Our prices are a direct function of the components purchase price and of our own production costs, even when we know customers would also buy it for more. Similarly, to make it easier for foreign customers, we accept most currencies, without making any profit on the exchange rate: we simply apply the exchange rate that the bank will charge to us.

We hope that you will appreciate our products and our services. Any suggestion to make them even better is welcome.

Yoctopuce, get your stuff connected.