This device is a USB 2.0 hub. This is a multi-TT hub: it performs better than a regular single-TT hub when several USB 1.1 devices are connected to it. It is tiny (42x28mm) and its size can even be cut down to 36x20mm, most probably one of the smallest you can find...

It is designed for DIY applications, for those who want to connect several USB devices in a tiny space. This hub does not have connectors for slave USB devices, but solder pads: you can solder wires directly on it. Yoctopuce modules can be fixed on it using screws and spacers. This hub also supports external power supply, and automatically switches from usb power to external power when available.

Wires to be ordered separately Micro-USB-Hub-V2 Micro-USB-Hub-V2 Wires to be ordered separately
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Hardware release:Rev. D
Product ID:MHUB0002
Product name:Micro-USB-Hub-V2
USB connector:micro-B
Chipset:Microchip USB2514BI (USB 2.0)
Normal operating temperature:5...40░C
Extended operating temperature2:-30...85░C
RoHS compliance:RoHS III (2011/65/UE+2015/863)
Harmonized tariff code:8542.3190
Made in:Switzerland

1 These specifications are for the current hardware revision. Specifications for earlier revisions may differ.
2 The extended temperature range is defined based on components specifications and has been tested during a limited duration (1h). When using the device in harsh environments for a long period of time, we strongly advise to run extensive tests before going to production.

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1 - marck Wednesday,march 09,2016 10H46

Hi, this hub supports PPPS (Per-Port Power Switching)? The features description of Microchip's USB2514B says there's a some power control options ("Full power management with individual or ganged power control of each downstream port"), but is not clear.


2 - martinm (Yocto-Team)Wednesday,march 09,2016 11H00

@marck: nope, like with most USB hubs available on the market, the "smart" power management part is not implemented on the Micro-USB-Hub-v2. The only power management feature available is automatic switching between external and BUS power.

3 - drakonte Saturday,december 17,2016 5H49

Hi. What is the operating temperature range? We want to use it for astronomical applications and a lower limit of -10░C is desirable.

4 - martinm (Yocto-Team)Saturday,december 17,2016 14H10

@drakonte: -30..85░C but you'll have to keep it away from condensation and ice.

5 - mark ford_SPAM Thursday,march 14,2019 12H05

Micro USB HUB is the devices that connect the computer. It is available in the multiple port. it is very useful for building the computer network.For instant support related to Windows operating system, please contact for the best solution.

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