Yocto-3d gsm-3g-eu

Yocto-3D GSM-3G-EU


Combine a Yocto-3D with a YoctoHub-GSM-3G-EU to get an autonomous appliance with built-in network connectivity:



The Yocto-3D is a USB 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. If you need to detect an orientation, a movement or a magnetic field, the Yocto-3D is what you need. This USB device provides a 3D accelerometer, a 3D magnetometer, a 3D gyroscope to measure angular velocity, a 2D inclinometer (tilt sensor), a tilt compensated compass and an inertial estimation of the orientation based on the 3D gyroscope.

All maths required to use this kind of sensors are handled directly by the device. You can mount it in any position, as the reference frame can be configured and taken into account internally by the Yocto-3D. The device automatically computes tilt angles and the estimated device attitude (using a quaternion, with an optional conversion to Tait-Bryan angles in the API). No additional computation is required in the application to determine the device orientation.

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The YoctoHub-GSM-3G-EU is a wireless-enabled module that can host three Yoctopuce modules to access them remotely through a 3G GSM cellular network (UMTS and HSPA). It can be powered either by a USB Micro-B cable and a regular phone charger, or a 5V battery pack.

The radio module supports the two GSM frequency bands 900 MHz and 1800 MHz used in Europa, Middle-East, Africa, Asia and Pacific. For a detailed list of frequency bands supported in each country, please refer to the Wikipedia page GSM_frequency_bands.

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Product ID:Y3DMK001
Product name:Yocto-3D
Sensor:LSM303D + L3GD20
USB connector:micro-B
Gyroscopic attitude estimation:95Hz
Static measures:7Hz
Measure range (Accel.):16g
Measure range (Gyro):2000░/s
Measure range (Magn.):2gauss
Sensitivity (Accel.):0.001g
Sensitivity (Gyro):0.1░/s
Sensitivity (Magn.):0.001gauss
Normal operating temperature:5...40░C
Extended operating temperature:-30...85░C
Supported Operating Systems:Windows (PC + IoT), Linux (Intel + ARM), macOS, Android
Drivers:no driver needed
API / SDK / Libraries (USB+TCP):C++, Objective-C, C#, VB.NET, UWP, Delphi, Python, Java, Android
API / SDK / Libraries (TCP only):Javascript, Node.js, PHP
Made in:Switzerland

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1 - mr. k Monday,july 18,2016 3H13

Can I get in contact with you somehow? I have some good news for you!

2 - martinm (Yocto-Team)Monday,july 18,2016 5H23

Mr K, You can contact the Yoctopuce support. Since I'm pretty sure of what you are about to ask, no, the Yocto-3D will not work with Pokemon GO because it will not appear as a generic embedded gyroscope on your Android phone. Yoctopuce products work only with applications specifically designed to use them.

3 - harshit kasera Wednesday,july 20,2016 11H36

this will work with our phone for watching 360 and vr videos by cardboard?

4 - martinm (Yocto-Team)Wednesday,july 20,2016 11H55

@harshit kasera: only if your VR player has support for the yocto-3D, which is unlikely.

5 - jordan Monday,december 05,2016 15H36

Is there a way to easily take in compass readings from this device into Matlab?

6 - mvuilleu (Yocto-Team)Monday,december 05,2016 17H56

@jordan: Unfortunately not, so far we don't have any efficient Matlab integration. The best you can do is use our command line library, but that will not be fast.

7 - rg95 Wednesday,january 25,2017 17H43


is there a conda package for the libraries (in my case for cpp)?

8 - seb (Yocto-Team)Thursday,january 26,2017 9H01

@rg95: Sorry, but we do not have any conda package for our libraries.

Yoctopuce, get your stuff connected.