Yocto-4-20ma-rx wireless-g

Yocto-4-20mA-Rx Wireless-g


Combine a Yocto-4-20mA-Rx with a YoctoHub-Wireless-g to get an autonomous appliance with built-in network connectivity:



The Yocto-4-20mA-Rx device will let you read the instant value returned by any industrial sensor following the 4-20mA standard, as well as record the measures on its internal flash for later retrieval when connected again. The device can automatically map the current reading to a physical measure by applying a proportional rule. The module features two inputs, to connect two independent sensors.

You can find sensors for all kind of physical measures using the standard 4-20mA interface. Transmitting the measure using a 4-20mA current loop makes it possible to get a very precise reading (up to 0.01%), and works even when the sensor is far away from the interface module (several thousands of meters of cable away).

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The YoctoHub-Wireless-g is a wireless-enabled module that can host three Yoctopuce modules to access them remotely through a Wifi network (802.11g). It can be powered either by a USB Micro-B cable and a regular phone charger, or a 5V battery pack.

Three Yoctopuce modules can be connected directly, one of which can be fixed directly on the YoctoHub-Wireless-g and connected using a Board2Board-127 connector. More devices can be connected, thanks to the YoctoHub-Shield extension. The YoctoHub-Wireless-g can power Yoctopuce devices up to 2A.

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Part Number:RX420MA1
Product name:Yocto-4-20mA-Rx
USB connectormicro-B
Refresh rate50Hz
Input impedance50Ω
USB bus insulation1kV
Normal operating temperature5...40░C
Extended operating temperature-30...85░C
Supported Operating SystemsWindows (PC + IoT), Linux (Intel + ARM), macOS, Android
Driversno driver needed
API / SDK / Libraries (USB+TCP)C++, Objective-C, C#, VB.NET, UWP, Delphi, Python, Java, Android
API / SDK / Libraries (TCP only)Javascript, Node.js, PHP
Cables and enclosuresavailable separately
Made inSwitzerland

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1 - stefan Monday,october 05,2015 16H38

Is the sensor able to measure values between 0 and 4 mA?

2 - mvuilleu (Yocto-Team)Monday,october 05,2015 16H39

@stefan: yes, you can use the whole range 0-20mA if you want, this is a configuration option

3 - stefan Monday,october 05,2015 17H13

Thank you very much!

4 - guenter Friday,december 09,2016 13H11


We are thinking about extending our data logger software with support for this device.

If I understood the license terms of your C++ library correctly, it is allowed to embed and distribute your library into (resp. as part of) standard software tools developed by our company. Only executables or libraries are distributed, the source code of the product will not disclosed.

Please confirm if this is OK or let me know a suitable contact on your side to clarify details.


5 - mvuilleu (Yocto-Team)Friday,december 09,2016 13H31

@guenter Yes, this makes no problem: as long as the purpose of integrating our library is to use our devices, you can distribute it the way you want. There is no GPL code in our library.

6 - james275 Wednesday,february 14,2018 14H48

What would be the "state-of-play" regarding taking the information on the PC, and putting it into some form of Trend/Data Logging software?


7 - martinm (Yocto-Team)Wednesday,february 14,2018 15H08

@james275, have a look here:

Yoctopuce, get your stuff connected.