Yocto-maxi-io gsm-3g-eu

Yocto-Maxi-IO GSM-3G-EU


Combine a Yocto-Maxi-IO with a YoctoHub-GSM-3G-EU to get an autonomous appliance with built-in network connectivity:



The Yocto-Maxi-IO device provides 8 digital I/O, electrically insulated from the USB bus. All I/O are 12V-tolerant and can output signals at the 3V or 5V levels without external power source, or up to 12V with an external power source.

Each I/O bit can be configured individually as a simple input, an open-drain input (internal pull-up), a TTL/CMOS-like output or an open-drain output (open collector).

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The YoctoHub-GSM-3G-EU is a wireless-enabled module that can host three Yoctopuce modules to access them remotely through a 3G GSM cellular network (UMTS and HSPA). It can be powered either by a USB Micro-B cable and a regular phone charger, or a 5V battery pack.

The radio module supports the two GSM frequency bands 900 MHz and 1800 MHz used in Europa, Middle-East, Africa, Asia and Pacific. For a detailed list of frequency bands supported in each country, please refer to the Wikipedia page GSM_frequency_bands.

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This product is not available anymore.


Part Number:MAXIIO01
Product name:Yocto-Maxi-IO
USB connectormicro-B
Refresh rate250Hz
Input impedance10KΩ
Output impedance180Ω
Max working voltage12V
Supported Operating SystemsWindows (PC + IoT), Linux (Intel + ARM), macOS, Android
Driversno driver needed
API / SDK / Libraries (USB+TCP)C++, Objective-C, C#, VB.NET, UWP, Delphi, Python, Java, Android
API / SDK / Libraries (TCP only)Javascript, Node.js, PHP
Made inSwitzerland

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